A comprehensive sewage treatment method of lubricating liquid sewage + domestic wastewater + cleaning sewage


Environmental protection requirements are increasingly high today, the original do not need to treat the common sewage also have requirements.In this example: guangzhou an enterprise, the production of LED cable, factory daily life waste water of 40 tons, 10 tons of cleaning wastewater, 2 tons per month of lubricating oil sewage, the original directly to the municipal sewage pipe network, at the request of environmental protection now, need to be on a set of sewage treatment equipment, in this, by the thousand net environmental protection company providing solutions and equipment process is as follows:

1. Description of wastewater treatment process

According to the communication information of the customer, the COD discharged by the customer is unstable at present. After adding the treatment facilities, the COD shall be ensured to meet the national standard "comprehensive sewage discharge standard" (gb8978-1996).

Middle and third level discharge standard, namely COD<120mg/L.According to the test and analysis of water samples, the following classified water treatment scheme is formulated and the integrated sewage treatment equipment is planned to be built in combination with the site permission of the customer.

1. Lubricant wastewater:

A small amount of lubricating liquid wastewater (about 2T/ month) is produced in the production of the customer. It is collected separately and flows into the cleaning wastewater collection tank after oxidation pretreatment. It is treated physicochemical together with the cleaning wastewater.

2. Production cleaning wastewater:

The cleaning wastewater produced by the customer is collected into the cleaning wastewater collection and regulation tank through the customer's drainage system (self-built by the customer, it is suggested to have a volume of 10 cubic meters), so that the incoming water can be homogenized and regulated

In front of the pool, it is suggested that the customer install a grille net within 3mm to avoid large particles, finger sleeves, cotton swabs and so on entering the regulating pool, which will affect the subsequent normal work of the water pump and pipe network, and lift the pump (or latent pollution)

Pump) according to 0.5T/h(up to 1T/h) into the integrated sewage treatment equipment for physical and chemical treatment (neutralization, coagulation, coagulation and precipitation) the integrated treatment equipment physical and chemical treatment part

The capacity is 10T/ day. After physical and chemical treatment, clean water is discharged into the comprehensive waste water collection tank together with the effluent from the septic tank of domestic waste water (the customer builds it by himself and proposes 50 cubic meters).

3. Domestic wastewater:

After the anaerobic treatment of the customer's domestic wastewater by the septic tank, it is collected into the comprehensive wastewater collection and regulation tank by the customer's drainage system (50 cubic meters is recommended for the customer to build by himself), so that the incoming water can be homogenized

After adjustment, the comprehensive wastewater lifting pump (or submersible sewage pump) is lifted into the integrated sewage treatment equipment according to 2.5t /h(maximum 5T/h) for biochemical disinfection treatment (anaerobic, anaerobic, aerobic, coagulation,

Coagulation, precipitation and disinfection). The capacity of the biochemical disinfection treatment part of the integrated treatment equipment is 50T/ day.

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