Qianjing environmental protection brand story
Author:Xiao Xinwangdate:2020-08-06

In a village under a mountain in the yi nationality, there was a boy with a big head and big eyes.

The most painful thing for the villagers in the village is the water here, the color is a little yellow, because the village people drink such water, everyone has a "big gold tooth", the elderly and children are often weak because of drinking this water diarrhea, suffering.Qian fu long also suffered from its harm, determined to treat the water for the villagers.

After growing up, qian fu long went out of the mountains for his study, but he never forgot his promise to the villagers.After years of painstaking study and study, finally designed a water purification equipment, can be water treatment standards, qianfu long gave the equipment to the villagers, thoroughly solve the drinking water problem of the villagers.

Qian fu long charity attracted the like-minded people, they work together to let more people drink clean water, people affectionately referred to this group as "qian jing ren".

It's the last one
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