Qianjing participated in the 21st China hi-tech fair emergency safety technology exhibition
Author:Net xindate:2020-08-06

Officially opened at shenzhen greater China international exchange square.If qianjing environmental protection equipment co., LTD. Is invited to attend the exhibition, it has demonstrated the company's multi-type mobile water purification equipment, discovered a large number of potential customers, and laid a solid foundation for the development of the market.

This exhibition is sponsored by the office of shenzhen municipal safety management committee and shenzhen municipal emergency management bureau, and undertaken by shenzhen municipal institute of public safety technology.Gathered dozens of provinces and cities of the emergency industry enterprises to participate in the exhibition, is a national industry event.

Qianjing develops and designs the water purification system for emergency rescue.In this exhibition, zhongqian net exhibited AYQ series of water, BX series, QClean series of mobile water purification vehicles, AY2 series of mobile water purification, sw-1 series of seawater desalination products.Attracted numerous visitors to stop, and our staff has always been full of enthusiasm, patience and visitors to communicate.After the professional audience and exhibitors had a certain understanding of the products, they showed great interest in the products on display, and many of them made detailed consultation on the spot. They hope to have in-depth cooperation through this opportunity.

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