Qianjing r & d team launched mobile water purification equipment!
Author:Xiao Xinwangdate:2020-08-10

DB series mobile water purification treatment equipment is specially designed for field water purification system. It can be used as the source of three types of surface water (lake water, river water) and purified as production or domestic water with turbidity <0.2NTU.Design purpose: for field work, emergency rescue, field construction, building construction to solve the problem of water for people's living and production.

The working principle of

Various water sources -- self-priming pump (with filter) -- miniature purifying agent treatment device -- self-cleaning filter -- BUF filter -- UV ultraviolet sterilization system (optional) -- water tank (sump) or water point.

Applicable water source:

The following non-sources that meet the standards of three types of surface water:

1. Tap water is the water source;

2. Groundwater is the water source;

3. Seawater is the source of water;

4, rivers and lakes for the water source;

5, pond water or rainwater for the water source;

Product usage:

1. Artificial drinking water and domestic water for field work, construction, mining and other sites;

2. In case of emergency rescue and disaster relief, water for drinking or domestic use should be provided;When disaster occurs, the water transportation cost is high, or the road is not allowed, the equipment can treat all kinds of water to meet the standard of drinking water, drinking or drinking water;

3. Potable water is the water purification equipment that can be used for domestic use;

4. Use of portable and mobile water purification vehicles in factories and construction sites;

5. Marine seawater purification equipment;

It's the first one
It's the first one
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