How about the hospital sewage treatment?What method is used to treat hospital sewage?

The main pollutants in hospital sewage are divided into three categories:

1. Pathogenic microorganisms;

2. Toxic and harmful physical and chemical pollutants;

3. Radioactive pollutants.The sewage treated by our company mainly contains the first type of pollutants, which mainly comes from the domestic sewage in the hospital. The other two types of pollutants (mainly discharged by the radiology department, dentistry department and X-ray laboratory department in the hospital) shall not be mixed in according to the principle of classification and treatment, so as not to affect the treatment effect.

The current treatment process of this kind of wastewater is quite mature, and the process flow adopted by our company is roughly as follows:

Sewage → grille → regulation tank →A/O biological contact oxidation tank → sedimentation tank → disinfection tank → discharge

Among them, A/O biological contact oxidation tank, sedimentation tank and disinfection tank are often made into buried integrated equipment due to the process continuity. The main advantages of this method are:

Small volume, small floor area, easy to install.

(2) less equipment investment, low operating cost: the system USES a biochemical process, greatly reduce the operating cost.

Easy to operate and maintain: the system adopts PLC automatic control, easy to operate and maintain, generally do not need special care, only timely maintenance, management cost is low.

Note: 1. The above size refers to the size of the main equipment.

2. The price does not include freight, it is tax-inclusive price, and the labor cost on site has been included (but the buyer shall be responsible for the food and housing of the construction personnel).

3. The demander shall discharge the goods to the designated position.

4. Considering the convenience of operation and maintenance, our company generally places the fan, control cabinet and disinfectant dosing device in the room. Therefore, the buyer shall provide an operation room with a size not less than 4×4×3m.

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