A simple water-based ink treatment method (medicament without equipment)

An overview of the

Printing ink wastewater treatment produced by carton factory has the characteristics of high chroma, high COD content and high concentration, high technical difficulty, high treatment cost and large equipment investment.

Characteristics of ink wastewater in carton factory:

1. Less waste water, generally 1-2t/day;

2. High chroma, high COD content;

3. Sewage treatment is difficult, and the technical requirements of ink sewage treatment are complex;

Here, engaged in the industrial water treatment industry for decades of xiao kunlu engineer for you to introduce a simple carton factory carton factory ink treatment method as follows:


1. One 1000ML glass beaker.

2. One stirring glass rod.

3. Taiwan shall weigh one (within the weighing range of 5KG).

4. 1 kg of special waste water treatment agent for Qclean qianjing Q198Y carton factory.

Test operation method:

1. Pack 600ML of ink sewage into 1000ML glass beaker.

2. Weigh 3 grams of type Q198Y ink wastewater treatment agent, add it to the wastewater beaker, and stir it evenly with a glass rod.

3. After standing for about 5 minutes, cotton-like flocculation and precipitation can be seen.If there is no flocculation precipitation production, can add 1-2 grams of Q198Y agent, and then stir evenly.

4. After standing for about 30-60 minutes, the effect of sewage treatment can be clearly seen, and the mud-water separation interface is obvious.At this point, the supernatant of the upper part is treated water, and the lower part is divided into sludge.As shown in figure:

Before and after dosing of printed sewage is shown in the figure above

From this, it can be concluded that our simple way to treat waste water in the carton factory is as follows:

1. According to the amount of ink and water wastewater of the carton factory produced by your factory, collect it and put the ink in the water tower of 1 cubic meter or 2 cubic meters. Special attention should be paid to the water tower with drainage switch at the bottom.

2. According to the amount of water in the tower, about 3-6 kg of Q198Y sewage treatment agent shall be added to every ton of water.

3, stir evenly, can be manual or equipped with a special mixer to stir.

4, after 1-5 hours, the upper separation liquid is decolorized water, and removed most of the impurities.Can be put into the domestic waste water or other industrial waste water treatment again standard discharge.

5. Open the discharge switch at the bottom and discharge the sludge to the sludge compressor or sludge drying tank for treatment.

This ink sewage treatment technology features:

1, just invest a few buckets or water tower, add the right amount of ink sewage treatment agent, chemical treatment can be.No need to invest more than 20W equipment, for small manufacturers to save a lot of equipment investment.

2. The preliminary sewage is discharged into the domestic wastewater treatment tank or other industrial wastewater treatment tank for batch and in-depth treatment.

3, the effect is quick, a few hours after adding the agent on the mud and water separation.

Technical editor: qian jing environmental protection technology xiao kunlu

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